Mississippi Governor Loses Lawsuit Against DACA

A challenge by the Republican Governor of the State of Mississippi and some agents of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to the DACA program was dismissed by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in a decision filed today.  The Fifth Circuit ruled that the lawsuit could not prove injury to either Mississippi or ICE by implementation of the DACA program, and that it had to be dismissed because federal courts lack jurisdiction to hear cases that aren't controversies, which requires something at stake in the case.  The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals is the same court as the one which is about to hear arguments on the President's DAPA program, which was temporarily blocked by a federal district court judge in Texas.  The panel of judges on the DAPA case is not likely to be the same.  It is unclear to what extend the decision today will impact the decision on the DAPA case, but the issues are very similar.  A brief report on the case has just appeared on The Hill Blog.