Hellbent on Immigration Reform: Boehner?

Republican House Speaker John Boehner said he is hellbent on getting immigration reform done this year.  That's good news, since hellbent means "determined to achieve something at all costs."  To move immigration reform forward, Boehner will need to tell the right wing of the Republican party that a moderate position on immigration is supported by wide margins by Republicans, Independents and Democrats alike.  He will need to risk his own position as Speaker to do this, because while most Republicans across our country support immigration reform including a path to legalization and eventual citizenship for undocumented residents with some conditions, it seems as if a majority of House Republican Members of Congress don't.  That puts them at odds with their constituents, and with Boehner.  But if Boehner really is hellbent on immigration reform this year, he will risk his role as Speaker to do it, and that will be good for the country: he will be a true patriot.